Editor in Chief: Prof. Govind R. Kadambi, PVC-Research

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Vol 19, Issue-1, January 2020

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1 Hypersonic Application of ISRO Space Vehicle Programs
Dipankar Das
2 Analysis of Combined Effect of Caster Angle and SAI on Steering Performance of the Vehicle
Ankit Mehta, Monish Gowda M. H., Raja R.
3 Design and Simulation of an Optical AND and XOR Gate using Micro Ring Resonator for Photonic FPGA
Ashwini N., Ugra Mohan Roy, Abdul Imran Rasheed
4 Variable Speed Multi-tap Brushless DC motor using Wireless Technology
Swathy Nair, Shreya J, Vinay Kumar R., Yashaswini Anantharaju, Mukesh Reddy K. N., Sushmitha M.
5 Introduction and Editorial

ISSN: 2249-5924